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Utkarsh Jain

Product Manager at Walmart Labs

Ankit is one of the most motivated and inspirational people I got a chance to work with. The way he handled problems of end to end fleet management and onboarding was phenomenal. He has potential of becoming a great leader and I wish him all the best for all his future endevours.

Ankit Khuurana

Principal Consultant

What You’ll Get During this
Free Strategy Call

During this call

You get access to set of un-bias & focussed set of ears to hear your state of business with an aim to identify improvement areas other than the ongoing projects in your business.

Immediately After the call

Quick documentation of the discussion in form of MOM (minutes of meeting) of the call.

If requested on the call

Proposal for consulting engagement.

Please Note:
This is a no obligation totally free strategy & business consulting call to understand your business challenges which could be one of the following:

Enable sustainable business growth

for a business facing challenges turning into a profitable venture.

Digitally Transform your Business

through right use of People, Process & Technology 

Control Costs in a slowed down economy

to enhance profitability and exercise greater control over business finances.

​​Develop talent for the ever changing business environment

to keep ahead of competition by nurturing a culture of innovation and learning & development.

​Set-up a New Business Unit/ Vertical

or subsidiary in India and don’t know how to go about it. Risk mitigation, Financial planning & projections leading to the right positioning in the new market.

​Feasibility testing of new ideas

Where the existing work force has a bias or cannot devote efficient bandwidth for driving the right results.

About Ankit Khuurana

Electronics & Communications Engineer & MBA Finance & Analytics by Education
Ex-Rivigo (Currently $1 Billion Company),Consultant Dogra Group (400+ Crores Turnover) & holds multiple Board Positions into Software, IT, Travel, Finance & Logistics Domain, 8+ years of total Experience from working with early age startups to Indian fastest growing unicorns. From setting up his own small business unit to helping a large tradition business house. Ankit has been helping purpose-driven entrepreneurs who want their teams to be more strategic, productive and profitable all through-out his career.

Our Offerings

Operations & Performance improvement

In a market of increasing change and competitive pressures, Ankit Khuurana Consulting provides rigorous analysis and a proprietary toolkit for fact-based decision making and lasting operational improvement that promotes change while allowing management to focus on day-to-day operations.

Market Research / Competitive analysis

Market research helps you find customers for your business. Competitive analysis helps you make your business unique. At Ankit Khuurana Consulting, We Combine them to find a competitive advantage for your business.

New Product / Service / Channel Development

Whether you plan to develop a new product , service or a channel, We have required expertise and resources to fulfill your need. Once your Business is ready to Scale , We at Ankit Khuurana Consulting can be your Business partner to help you in handling scale. 

Business plan

Effective business planning can be the key to your success. A business plan can help you secure finance, priorities your efforts and evaluate opportunities. if you need help in building your tailor made Business Plan , our years of experience in Business consulting can come handy for you.

Sales & marketing plan

Review your sales and marketing strategy to boost profits and gain ground on your competitors. A good way to start is by breaking down the process into discrete, manageable elements. You end up with a checklist that can be reviewed to prioritize areas needing improvement and serve as the groundwork for an effective marketing strategy.


Every organization consists of fundamental blocks or resource pools. These blocks can form various combinations for an increased value proposition. We provide elaborated solutions to the companies to find new permutations of these blocks to maximize efficiency.

Why They Recommend Having a Free Consultation Call

Ankit Khuurana has always given his 100% to meet Business Objectives of clients. He has worked with zestful leaders that are held back by varying challenges from taking a leap into the next stage of business growth.

Sagar Narang

Process Excellence at RIVIGO

I worked with Ankit for 1 and half years. He is wonderful to work with and has exceptional expertise in new-age technology in trucking, coaching and motivating his team. He consistently demonstrated a great work ethic at Rivigo. Ankit is hard working, relentless and self-motivated. He is a good team player as well as a manager


Chairman at Dogra group of Companies

I know Ankit from last 2-2.5 years. He is one of the most logical person I have ever met. He understands things and also give a logical detail insight for those. He can give you future analysis within second based on the some wonderful logics. His understanding of Logistic Business is unparallel. He has been working with me regularly and we have got desired results in most of the cases.


VP - Business Development, South Asia at THÉA Auto

When Ankit gets his hands on a problem, you end up feeling sorry for the problem - he’s tenacious, intelligent and passionate!
I’ve had the experience of working for Ankit in the past during which Ankit led multiple teams and helped mitigate challenges in the field that resulted in successful deployment of fleet, fuel & driver management solutions. He has a rare mix of productivity, ambition and sets a great example for the rest of the team. I’ve been closely associated as a service provider, consulting partner, mentor and I’ve seen him evolve from grassroots to setting up his own consulting company to assist enterprise organizations transform their business processes.

Our Approach

Our journey begins with full company scan where we follow 360 degree approach to understand all assets of Organization i.e. People, Processes and Technology.
Our experts involves in multiple one to one and team level discussion within your organisation and we aim to cover all Business function. Once this is done, we prepare our report and recommendation which highlights Strength and Weakness , required changes , highlighting gaps in existing processes and Guidance on existing IT infrastructure. Depending on the requirement we also include Training needs to meet short term and long term goals of your organization.

After this we move to Post Scan phase where our principle consultant presents our findings of Scan phase to leadership of your organization and give a short glimpse of Future Roadmap. 

What Are You Waiting For? Let’s work together on your Business Objective!